"Poor Mans" Glyde Ryde seats
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By  Thomas Ebi

  Quite a few years ago a new suspension seat system was being sold to fisherman and took the fishing world by storm.  They were pretty pricey, but after a lot of checking around, a few farming friends pointed me in the right direction after I showed them the GlydeRyde system.  The same seat system was being sold at Tractor Supply for a much-reduced cost (less than a 3rd the cost). That was enough for me!  These suspension seats (Tractor Supply Store -  http://www.mytscstore.com/ ) They’re  listed as “farm tractor replacement seat  Part#1238169) and can now be had for $90.  They were $150 when I purchased mine. These seats are weight adjustable and they slide!
                            Now,  How to mount them.

 I had quite a few different ideas but wasn’t sure until I had the seats laying in the boat and got the old brain turning.  At first I was going to build boxes bolted to the floor then bolt the suspension system to those. The box plan was so I could use that area for storing tackle boxes. At that time, there wasn’t a good swivel system that I could find that also didn’t add quite a bit of height to the already 6 inches I had to reduce from the suspension systems added height.  I removed the actual tractor seat and mounted my Crestliner seat (simple bolt on job) to the suspension system. Since I have a MIG welder handy I simply welded my Crestliner seat mount that I removed from the seat to the suspension unit. (*Note: take a lot of measurements, sit in your seats and make sure you know where you want your seats to end up!!).

 Bolting the seat mount to the suspension system is another option. You might have to drill holes thru the suspension system.  Brian “Perchjerker” Agee mounted his seat this way after reviewing what I have.  After using the seats for a while, I was fishing a tournament and my co-angler for the day ended up blowing out the aluminum seat base in the floor of my Crestliner into little pieces (he was a very big boy). So this got me to thinking, and I added a 2X6 to the rear of the suspension seat as a stabilizer/brace/load spreading option.  I lag bolted the 2X6 to the suspension seat. This allows the seats to still face forward in the locked position and rotate rearward for rolling.  I kept the stock Attwood pedestal tube. I did have to shorten the tube 6 inches to accommodate the height difference that the suspension seat takes up.

 Drill and file holes into the tube for where the seat base locks,  since I cut that part off. The bottom of the pedestal has more problems to deal with than the top part.  Brian bought a new base and he mounted a oblong ¼ inch aluminum diamond plate to his boat floor. This is to help spread the load, cover the hole from where his aluminum base was removed and relocated his seat a little rearward. The suspension system does move your seat forward from it’s stock location.   If you review both my installation and Brian’s, I’m sure you can come up with a way to mount these into your boat.




                  My version of mounting                              Brian Agee’s version

 I can guarantee you that on your next trip to the Erie islands in a good chop, you will wish you had these seats.   It’s like night and day!!!! 

If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact me at t.ebijack@yahoo.com